11:25pm September 6, 2014

Vi 25/30 de estas series animadas… que buena infancia wn oh!!

4:23pm September 4, 2014


PINCEL DE ZORRO by Meritxell Ribas Puigmal

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10:07am August 23, 2014


Alexa Meade,Submerges Her Subject in a Pool of Milk

In collaboration with Sheila Vand, Alexa Meade explores what happens when the canvas becomes a pool of cream. Mixing borders, expressive artists compose an identity for each image.
The artist Alexa Meade has invented a technique of painting on the surfaces of objects, people and architectural spaces to optically compress 3D space in a 2D plane. It is known for its "tableaux vivants", where the bodies of his subjects become the canvas. Since 2012, she collaborated with the actress Sheila Vand performance on a range of projects covering various media.
In the spirit of artistic recreation, “MILK”: what will you make of me? Is their first album together. The work explores the fluidity of form over time and space.

10:06am August 23, 2014
10:04am August 23, 2014


Ethereal Portraits by Lakormis: Showcase Horrific Beauty

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Beauty is a treasured thing in our culture, and Turkish artist Merve Morkoç, aka Lakor mis, turns this ideal on its head. At first glance their paintings are of seemingly young, glowing-skinned models, but a longer gaze reveals that these subjects all have something seriously wrong with them. Coupled with their well-coiffed hair are fantastical disfigurations that you’d see in a horror film. Warped eyelids, caved in faces, and rashes exist on these young women.

Any sort of pleasant response you initially had is probably gone, and the works are like a train wreck that you can’t look away from. The strange details are intriguing, and it speaks to Morkoç’s expert handling of the medium that they are easily able to fool us into thinking something that’s repulsive is actually beautiful.

8:47pm August 14, 2014
8:45pm August 14, 2014
3:13pm August 13, 2014


Erik Jones  aka theirison  on deviantART

artist on tumblrErik Jones is a American traditional painter/illustrator and from time to time he works digitally. Majority of the work portrayed on Empty Kingdom are hands on paints and inks.

3:00pm August 13, 2014

“Remember when I told you how my
kin is different in some ways?
And how you should not fall in love
with someone like me, anyway…
Between the lines, people see signs
When they feel the sear, every day’s fear…
and one night their torches
find the girl without a name…
And the one who has her
love is no more safe…”

— Deathaura- Sonata arctica